This is my first project for the online data science course in Flatiron school. Supposing that, Microsoft has decided to create a new movie studio, but they don’t know anything about producing movies.

If anyone is interested in my project, please feel free to have a look at the following link.

Project Problem

In this project, I will do the data analysis and present to understand the movie industry trend better. Several questions need to be answered:

  1. What is a popular movie?
  2. What is a popular genre?
  3. Does the popularity affect the gross?
  4. What is the relationship between popularity and production budget?
  5. Which studio produces movies the most?


A movie-related data is from:

  • Box Office Mojo
  • IMDB
  • Rotten Tomatoes


The movie’s trend is like the Top 10 movies I presented in my presentation from my analysis. The most recommended genre is Action. The popularity affects the worldwide gross, especially the popularity less than 55. With a budget of fewer than 300 million dollars, the production budget and popularity are positive correlated. Finally, Walt Disney studio is the most producing studio.

Future Plan

For the future, I should include more factors to increase the accuracy, such as:

  • casts or producers
  • releasing time
  • more specific budget range

Also, the statistical model should be applied for better prediction.